Dr. Matthew Crosby

Email: m.crosby[at]imperial.ac.uk


I am currently working on the Kinds of Intelligence project part of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI) at Imperial College London.

I am particularly interested in computational philosophy (of mind); implementing and testing AI systems to explore philosophical questions about the nature of intelligence. I am also interested in consciousness, though believe in an incremental approach based on improving our understanding of the space of possible minds.

I specifically want to be able to improve our answer to the following:

For any given system, what kind of mind does that system have (if any)?
My current research is focused on linking active inference with deep learning in embedded systems. I am particularly interested in learning algorithms that incorporate how actions change the inputs to a system. I am also interested in carving out a unique causal role for consciousness and what (if anything) conscious thought offers a system over purely unconscious processing.

A (very rough) overview of my current research plan can be found here.

Selected Publications

These publications are mainly from a previous life where I worked in multiagent planning and robotics.

Please also see my Google Scholar page


ADP Planner (planner with best coverage in CodMAP 2015 competition) - including the snapshot of Fast-Downward it was built for - can be found here. After compiling, run with the option --heuristic 'hff=adp(cost_type=1)' --search 'lazy_greedy(hff, preferred=hff)'. See Fast Downward site for required libraries in case of installation issues.

Python ma-PDDL Parser ppp.py: for translating multiagent pddl with concurrent action constraints to temporal planning problems (see DMAP 2014 paper [pdf]). An updated version was used in the CodMAP 2015 competition (which may be more useful to you), see here for information and contacts.


Notes for the computational neuroscience reading group held in Edinburgh (Jan-April 2017) can be found here.