Day 0 - Tuesday 18th June: Annual Margaret Boden Lecture
17:30-19:00 (Babbage Lecture Theatre)Daniel DennettSmart Machines and a Reverse Turing Test

Day 1 - Wednesday 19th June: Consciousness in the age of deep learning
09:00-09:25Arrival and Coffee
09:25-09:30Opening Remarks
09:30-10:20Thomas MetzingerSynthetic Phenomenology: Two types of arguments for a moratorium
10:20-10:50Richard EvansMachine Apperception
10:50-11:20Krzysztof DolegaAttending to the Illusion of Consciousness - Bayesian frugality and the representation of attention
11:40-12:30Eva JablonkaAristotle’s Robot
13:30-14:20Raymond TallisFantasies of Conscious Machines
14:20-14:50George StarkeMorgan’s Canon for Artificial Intelligence? Attributing Consciousness to AI and Non-Human Animals
14:50-15:20Nick AlonsoCan Cyborgs Tell Us Whether AI Are Conscious?
15:40-16:30Anil SethBeing a beast machine: Consciousness, intelligence, and life
16:30-17:20Claire SergentNatural Consciousness in the age of Deep Learning

Day 2 - Thursday 20th June: Generality and intelligence in animals and AI
09:30-10:20Amanda SeedBeyond the Information Given: What do Children and Non-Human Primates Know about the World?
10:20-10:50Patrick ButlinSharing Our Conceptual Resources With Machines
10:50-11:20Matt CrosbyThe Animal-AI Olympics: Testing Transferable Skills
11:45-12:35Elisabetta VersacePriors in Animal and Artificial Intelligence: Where Does Learning Begin?
13:35-14:25Cameron BucknerThe Comparative Psychology of Artificial Intelligence
14:25-14:55Robert LongNativism and empiricism in AI
14:55-15:25Ron ChrisleyBeyond Pattern Completion: Deep Learning, and Consciousness as World Construction and Maintenance
15:50-16:40Shakir MohamedBuilding Machines that Imagine and Reason: Mutual Inspirations between Cognitive and Statistical Sciences
16:40-17:30Brian Cantwell SmithReckoning and Judgment
19:30Conference Dinner for Speakers at Newnham College, Old Hall

Day 3 - Friday 21st June: Artificial Intelligence and intelligence augmentation
09:30-10:20Anders SandbergJoining the winning side: merging with the machine for survival, enhancement, or curiosity?
10:20-10:50Charles RathkopfVirtual Virtue?
10:50-11:20Thomas GroteThe ethics of (expert-level) algorithmic decision-making
11:45-12:35Thomas BohneEngineering human augmentation: Tales from the field
13:35-14:25Tamar MakinNeurocognitive opportunities and limitations for robotic augmentation
14:25-14:55Jan VoosholzCertification of Ethical AI: Use Cases from Augmented Intelligence
14:55-15:25Noah Betz-RichmanFunctionalism, Conscious Availability, and the Extended Mind
15:50-16:40Marcello IencaExploring the Ethical Boundaries of the Interface between Human and Artificial Intelligence
16:40-17:30Barbara SahakianThe Use of Technology and Drugs for Cognitive Enhancement
17:30-17:40Closing Remarks

Kinds of Intelligence: Machine Minds

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